Happy Birthday to my Dad = 15 lessons I learned from Gerry



92F647A2-2D48-4238-BAD4-91EAAA81F828My dad taught me so many things since we met at age 29. I would like to share a few life lessons learned from my loving father Gerry:

  1. Freedom is priceless. Whether you are out in the middle of the ocean or waiting in line at Tim Hortons the feeling is precious and certainly a state of mind. Be free.
  2. Travel and see the world. I just love my dad’s sense of adventure. Whether it is exploring a new trail or jetting off to New Zealand .. my dad loves to explore and I know for sure he passed this on to me.
  3. See humour everywhere. Be open to meeting strangers and live for a laugh. My dad does and I love him for it.
  4. Forgive. Realize we are all human and make mistakes. Never hold grudges.
  5. Take pride in your passions. My dad has a passion to read, fish and enjoy the great outdoors. I just love how he dedicates his life to his passions and that inspires me to do the same.
  6. Write it down. As I said, my father and I found each other when I was 29. He wrote me the most beautiful letters describing his life, his regrets and his hopes for the future. I have since learned that he has written amazing letters and stories to others in my family that are also cherished.
  7. Value family above all else. My dad has a shit load of brothers and sisters. There is Russell who is beside him and up the hill is his brother Arthur. Other family members are also close by. He tries to be there for each and every one of them. I appreciate this and try to follow his example as best I can (although I do forget birthdays!)
  8. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Whenever something goes wrong I call my dad. He is caring but also makes me laugh – usually at what has happened – he can see the humour in everything.
  9. Take pride in being resourceful. My dad’s ability to live off the land blows my mind. His home in Nova Scotia is resource rich – he has shown me how to pick mussels and find edible plants and teas. I just love how he finds uses for everything. He also has flown me over lobsters and tried to teach me to eat said lobsters.
  10. DIY is fun and therapeutic. My dad can tie his own fishing flies.   This nugget is courtesy of his son he nicknamed “Bobby Toronto.” I am sure he finds the challenge of learning new things a buzz and relaxing all at the same time.
  11. Laugh at your mistakes. After a great family fishing trip, dad accidentally threw the bin of “good fish” overboard instead of the “bad fish”( as told my his oldest grandson). As a passionate fisherman and great cook of said fish it hurt his soul I think … but he was able to see the humour in the situation and just move on.
  12.  Age is only a number. My dad is so active and willing to take on work with the power of someone half his age. You are only as old you as you feel.
  13. Determination is dam powerful. My dad has tackled some demons in his life time and when he puts his mind to something watch out. I love his determination and feel I have inherited his tenacity.
  14. Love is forever. My mom and dad have been together for a very long time and they do a lot of things together. I know my dad needs my mom and is always looking to show her something new as a show of his strong love for her. I love that about him and I do the same thing for my hubby.
  15. It is never too late.  Yes life is short and given that dad and I only met 15 years ago you can imagine how much we cherish time. It was not an easy journey for either of us but one worth investing in. I thank god every day for all that he has brought to my life.

Happy belated birthday Dad. I love you!!!!!

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