How I give back

insp0335-11Looking for more personal meaning in her work beyond just the bottom line, founder of Women in Biz Network, Leigh Mitchell set out to help those in need through her own business activities. She quickly realized that not only could she make a difference with her business but others could also. Her stories of hope and the spirit of giving were contagious. This is when the Thrive Movement was introduced to her community. Studying the impact of socially responsible businesses, she found ways in which profitable businesses could find more engaged audiences when advocating the benefits of their purpose driven mission-based business practices.

  Nothing pleases me more than working with brands to create a positive impact within their business and personal lives. I can help you bring social good into your personal and business brand and promote it. Why? Because kindness is contagious and I don’t think it is bragging to show what you are doing to create a more positive world to live in, because it inspires will inspire others to do the same!  

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