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I am really lucky to work with such amazing change makers, business owners, and professionals. This is just a small sampling of the work I have completed for clients.

Feather Friendly has been operating successfully for over 1o years. I was hired to assist with social media strategy, selecting the best channels to create an engaged community with along with setting these up for each channel. In addition, I am managing their ongoing communication and creating engaging content on their behalf this includes imagery and videos. The channels we have developed are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  Linkedin, and Youtube.


Melanie Beaumont owns accounting practice in downtown Milton, I set up and designed her social media accounts/branding and maintain her blog with monthly blog posts. The content is optimized for searchability. I also maintain the website ensuring that all WordPress plugins are kept up to date. The channels I developed for Melanie are LinkedinFacebook, and Twitter 

Content writing examples here. 


Shaun Humphries is a successful Financial Planner branching out in Transition and Resiliency Coaching. I have been assisting Shaun with copywriting and Linkedin branding for his personal profile and his company. Details here.

I loved the opportunity to assist with the brand development of social media presence on Atelier Kids including content writing for their blog and newsletter and creating the imagery for those assets. I look forward to continuing to work with this mission making childcare centre. Details here.

I have been working with A Home You Love Designs founder Sheila Doris to transform her brand and to better communicate her value with a more defined target market. This has included branding exercises, copywriting, new imagery and sales packages.  Visit here



Jackie Porter has recently written a new book and is hot on the speaker’s circuit, however her speaker’s package needed some tender loving care. I rebranded her packaging including rewriting her copy and developing a new tighter layout. Happy to report Jackie is busy and presently on stage!



Hired as a consultant to oversee a variety of campaigns for OTEC – Ontario Tourism Education Corporation, I developed social media strategy documents and completed the outreach for three initiatives. The campaigns included The Discoverability Network (benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities), It’s Your Shift (ending sexual harassment in the hospitality and tourism industries) and also their general training and development programs and campaigns. Tactics included developing events, content writing, and press release development.

I have worked with a variety of clients on their personal brand and how it relates to seeking new career opportunities.  Silvia had a fascinating personal story and an amazing career. The problem was her personal brand presence was lacking the power required to get her the right attention she was looking for.  I worked on understanding her story, what type of future employment she was looking for, and from there we refreshed her brand image for both her resume and LinkedIn profile resulting in a flurry of new opportunities. Silvia indicated to me that the work I completed for her changed her life, resulted in too many opportunities to choose from and she couldn’t be more thrilled.


We developed a strategy around transformative travel experiences where I was hired to create a blogger outreach campaign that included 3o travel bloggers who were carefully selected to write emotional and funny stories on their blog related to travel experiences and the benefit of the Dukoral vaccine. Our campaign resulted in double the number of hits to the Dukoral yearly campaign (which was tracked and attributed to our campaign). This was considered a huge success for the client who truly appreciates the value of authentic storytelling that garnered tangible and exciting results.

The “Who Inspires You” campaign developed for International Women’s Day, was a national campaign focused on women in our community who inspire us.  I managed a blogger outreach campaign for two years while they ran this initiative. This included hiring bloggers and overseeing content delivery, social media outreach, and a trending twitter party.


As a client for over 5 years, I worked on creating campaigns and marketing activations to take place on-site at our Women in Biz Network conferences. This including pitching ideas, once a successful pitch was selected we then developed it through to execution and post-campaign evaluation.  Our campaigns resulted in trending their hashtags and increasing their brand awareness to professional women.


I worked with Microsoft over a number of years on a variety of projects. Most recently I had a small business column writing a variety of compelling stories that shared the heart and soul of entrepreneurs. Check it out here. 

Willi Shillinglaw, a LegalShield representative has hired me several times to assist with her marketing strategy and speaker’s package. I taught her how to design and manage her social media more effectively and coached her on how to better organize her CRM system so that she can turn more leads into sales. My work with Willi is ongoing and we both love working together.



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