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  We help find you qualified female applicants through our
 Women in Biz Network talent hive. 

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In our Hive: Happy Employers | Candidates | Employees 

We offer a full suite of services including:

Employer Branding | LinkedIn Consulting | Recruitment | HR Strategy 



Recruitment Services

Supporting you to find, place and onboard happy talent. 

Brand Identity & Workplace Marketing

Branding and marketing services for your workforce projects

HR Strategy & Execution

Our certified HR team will help you prioritize and implement HR needs.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

The labour market is not an easy one to navigate these days. We support large and small organizations to attract a more diverse applicant pool. We also support companies that generally don’t have an in-house HR department with recruiting and onboarding happy staff. 


Satisfied Clients

HR Events

Cups Of Coffee

Why we are different

We have been employees. We have been managers. We have felt overlooked and under-appreciated in our professional lives. As all female team of diverse leaders we are here to help you create a happy hive of employees who bee-lieve in you.


Meet your Brand Strategist, Leigh Mitchell 

CEO of Women in Biz Network  + Bee Happy HR Talent Hive Co.
I refine employer brands to attract diverse applicants & enhance workplace performance/profits. We offer a vetted diversity-career board for women. Proudly mentor business & career women. I also the Host Time to Thrive Podcast.

Featured in Wall Street Journal, CBC News, Chatelaine Magazine, Marketing Magazine, Fairygodboss (Career Expert), CTV News, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail and more.

Our Latest Work

Here are a few of our recent happy clients

How I give back


Looking for more personal meaning in her work beyond just the bottom line, Leigh Mitchell set out to help those in need through her own business activities. She quickly realized that not only could she make a difference in her business but others could also. Her stories of hope and spirit of giving were contagious. This is when the Thrive Movement was introduced to her community. Studying the impact of socially responsible businesses, she found ways in which profitable businesses could find engaged audiences when advocating the benefits of their purpose-driven mission-based business practices.